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Automotive-use Screw Parts and House Construction-use Drill Screws

Flange Nuts, Welding Nuts, etc.

Automotive-use Screw Parts and House Construction-use Drill Screws

Main business:
Screw manufacturing

Business results:
KM Seiko specializes in warm forging of products made from stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium using multistage forging machinery such as formers and headers.
We manufacture automotive-use screws, self-locking nuts and construction and housing-use drill screws.

Technical capability:
In the field of screws for automotive use, in addition to standard products such as flange nuts, welding nuts, etc., KM Seiko manufactures specially shaped screws used for seat belts and airbag parts as well as other cold pressed products.

We also manufacture specially shaped stainless steel screws for attaching high-temperature parts such as mufflers, manifolds, etc., and other warm pressed products.

Moreover, our self-locking nut, the M-lock, which is resistant to loosening even under conditions of high vibration, is employed in curtain airbags.

In the house construction-use drill-screw field, we produce screws that can be driven through non-holed steel plate that measures 1.6mm or more in thickness.

These screws are employed in so-called steel houses, which are assembled from thin and light steel plate using 2X4 construction techniques.

In addition, we make drill screws from highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel.