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Toughened Glass Featuring Strength, Heat Resistance, and Safety

Glass Etching

Toughened Glass Featuring Strength, Heat Resistance, and Safety

Main business:
Ceramic engineering

Business results:
For almost half a century since its establishment, Osaka Glass Industry has engaged in manufacturing and selling glass products with the main focus on the manufacturing of toughened glass.
At present, we are endeavoring to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers building on the foundation of the business seeds we have developed since the inauguration of our business.

Technical capability:
Toughened glass is made by heating regular glass to close to its softening temperature, followed by rapid cooling down by means of air blasting.

The properties of toughened glass include an impact strength three to five times that of regular glass and a heatproof temperature almost twice that of regular glass.

Moreover, toughened glass has a safety advantage as it shatters into small cuboid fragments if broken, which reduces the danger of injury.

Because of its mechanical and thermal strength as well as its great safety, toughened glass is widely used for products such as automobiles, microwave ovens, buildings, plants, lighting equipment, game machines, showcases, and furniture.

In addition to manufacturing glass, Osaka Glass Industry also engages in glass processing for such products as film coating (safety and security films, etc.) and glass etching (for partitions, transoms, and baby handprint keepsakes, etc.)