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Minoru Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.

From all ideas on plastics to manufacture and sales of products


From all ideas on plastics to manufacture and sales of products

Main business:
Manufacture and sales of plastic products

Business results:
Many free gifts for which orders have been received independently from famous cosmetics manufacturers
Joint development with manufacturers of cosmetics and cosmetic tools
Joint development with finishing goods manufacturers
Focusing on the development of applications of "Minoru-Cube", figure case, we received the All Japan DM Awards with the DM of Minoru-Cube, whose envelope opening ratio is 100 %. It is widely used for preserve dry flower case, gift box, solid display case, photo case, etc.
We are also selling water pots, pitchers, and sprays, by which our developed product, pet bottle, can effectively be reused. Since using these products can recycle pet bottles that would be discarded, they are helpful for environmental protection.
For use of a spray, effect of bellows enables using it continuously in upward direction, downward direction, lateral directions, or at angles where it could not be used conventionally. Our products can be used for various purposes.

Technical capability:
We can accept your order in an integrated system ranging from ideas of plastic products to finishing of completed products, e.g., assembly, through secondary process, including trial production, die, and forming print, etc.