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About Techplaza HIGASHIOSAKA

The world's proud manufacturing technology is located in Higashiosaka city

Japanese manufacturing that is loved and trusted by the world.

The background behind this is a medium-sized enterprise with a strong support for world-class product creation.

Higashiosaka city is one of the leading manufacturing creativity cities in Japan.

There are many small and medium-sized enterprises with advanced and unique technologies and flexible response capabilities.

In Higashiosaka city, we are disseminating various information through Techplaza HIGASHIOSAKA in order to let people in the world know not only "domestic manufacturing in Higashiosaka city" but also in the world.

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Junction of Higashiosaka city

Location of Higashiosaka city

Population: 496,394
Area: 61.78 square kilometer
Location:135°36’3’’E and 34°40’45’’N

As of August 1,2018

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Manufacturing Support Office,
Economic Department of Higashiosaka City

1-1-1,Aramoto-kita,Higashiosaka City,Osaka,577-8521,JAPAN