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Hikari Slotter Works, Ltd.

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Technical capability

We are a company specializing in slotter and broach machining.
Thanks to the patronage of our customers, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of our company.
Currently, we enjoy the patronage of over 600 customers.
We are capable of handling any shape of bores to be cut; we can perform not only key groove machining on the bore but also spline machining, involute machining, serration machining, and the like.
We adhere to the quality of products "made in Japan."
Our products can be sent anywhere in Japan either by door-to-door parcel delivery service or by mixed delivery service.
We accept an order of one item or more. Depend on us for the shortest possible delivery.

Business performance

Our mainstay business of rectangular hole machining on bearing bores has a history of over 30 years. Our products are used both home and abroad, with their quality highly evaluated by the customers (broach machining).
In Higashi-Osaka, the mention of slotters causes our company name to be uttered; in this way, we are highly evaluated as a key groove machining company.
We have been known to the customers only through word-of-mouth communication because we have not used public relations means. However, the widespread use of the Internet has allowed orders to be placed from all over the country.
Slotter machining, broach machining, and key seating machining form essential processes in the fields of automobile production, ship building, machine tools, industrial equipment, electronic equipment, domestic appliances, and the like. In recent years, universities ask us for processing.

Technology and product information

Processing technology

Materials Processing Technology Products
If a material can be filed, it's OK. Additionally, all kinds of machining inside a bore / Inside of molds
If a material can be filed, it's OK. Spline machining / Involute spline machining Shafts, couplings, screws, cams, and propellers
If a material can be filed, it's OK. Rectangular hole machining / Hexagonal hole machining Bushes, joints, and bearings
If a material can be filed, it's OK. Oval hole / Crescent hole Joint yokes / Grips
If a material can be filed, it's OK. Key groove machining / Key groove (tapered) machining Gears, impellers, and sprockets

End products

Name of Products Name of Components
Agricultural machines Bearings
Ships Screws, cams
Motor-driven driving machines Pulleys, sprockets
Nuclear power plant motors Bearings (Couplings)
Crusher Bush joints, cutters
Pharmaceutical production lines Test tube rotating tables
Dam pumps Impellers, sleeves
Tunnel air-conditioning fans Propellers, vanes

Related fields

Metals/Metal machined products/Plastics processed products/Automobiles/Transporting machines/Machine tools/Precision machines/Tools, molds, brush/Domestic electric appliances/Telecommunications equipment/Medical equipment

Manufacturing capacity

Machines and equipments held

Equipment owned or equipment Number of possession
Slotter/500, 500-mm cutting length, made by Masuda Machine: 1Slotter/240, 240-mm cutting length, made by Masuda Machine: 2Slotter/MY-400, 400-mm cutting length, made by Yamage: 2Slotter/MY-280BH, 280-mm cutting length, capable of handling a 1400-mm-long workpiece, made by Yamage: 2Slotter/MY-28G, 280-mm cutting length, made by Yamage: 4Key seater/KS5, 500 mm, made by Murata Machine: 2Key seater/KS7, 700 mm, made by Murata Machine: 2Broach/VUB-7120L, 1200-mm stroke, 7.5 ton, made by Sanjo Machine: 2Broach/VUJA-5100L, 1000-mm stroke, 5 ton, made by Sanjo Machine: 2

Manufacturing capacity, owned patents, quality control, etc.

Manufacturing capacity Bearing bore rectangular hole machining: 70,000 pieces/month
Broach machining with a key width of 4 to 5 mm for example: 5,000 pieces/day
Slotter machining for 10-mm-wide hexagonal machining for example: 200 pieces/day
Due date response Normal lots (equivalent to broach machining on
Normal lots (equivalent to broach machining on 200 to 300 workpieces) are finished in 2 work schedule days.
Single-item products can be delivered the next day.
The company owns two or more broaching machines, slotter machines, and key seating machines, increasing the production efficiency with the introduction of NC machines.

Company information

Company name Hikari Slotter Works, Ltd.
Address 3-11-9, Takaida-naka, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 577-0065
Address Main Office 3-11-9, Takaida-naka, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 577-0065
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)6-7653-3170
Facsimile(Contact point) +81-(0)6-7652-3536
Representative Nobuaki Morikawa
Main business Steel-based metal cutting and machining (Slotter machining, broach machining)
Employees 12
Capital JPY 10000000 JPY
Establishment Apr-65
Found Oct-70
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