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Technical capability

Rooter machining technology
* General cutting
* Counter sinking (Depth-of-cut adjustment)
* Small piece machining, large-sized piece machining
* Machining of resin boards other than printed circuit boards

Machining technology other than rooter machining
* V-cut machining
* Terminal beveling
* Drilling

Business performance

We are engaged primarily in the rooter processing of printed circuit boards.
Rooter processing is the designation given to a method of carrying cutting operations using a "rooter processor," an NC machining tool.
Most of our printed circuit boards are intended for industrial use, many of which are used in applications accompanied by highly-advanced technologies.
As a result, the quality requirement imposed on our products is rigorous; to respond to this situation, we provide efficient, stable services through the use of our "cultivated technology" in a well-developed "environment."
Examples of applications: Telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, large-sized computers, various inspection equipment, precision instruments, automobiles, air conditioners, etc.

Manufacturing capacity

Machines and equipments held

Equipment owned or equipment Number of possession
NC rooter machines: 7NC V-cut machines: 2Terminal beveling machines: 1Image processing length measuring machines: 2Projector length measuring machines: 1Other equipment

Manufacturing capacity, owned patents, quality control, etc.

Manufacturing capacity Rooter machining of printed circuit boards
3,000 ㎡ - 5,000 ㎡
Due date response We are good at handling products to be delivered in short-term deadlines and those produced in smaller quantities.

Company information

Company name CLEVER INDUSTRY Co.Ltd.
Address 15-10, Takara-machi, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 579-8025
Address Main Office 15-10, Takara-machi, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 579-8025
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)72-984-4627
Facsimile(Contact point) +81-(0)72-981-6536
Representative Bungo Tatsumi
Charge Shingo Tatsumi
Main business Manufacture and processing of printed circuit boards and other resin boards
Employees 11
Capital JPY 10000000 JPY
Establishment May 1978
Found December 1981
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