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Minamiguchi Seisakusho

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Technical capability

For equipment and machines, we have held 7 NC lathes since the establishment of business in 1984.
* Miyano's NC lathes BNC: 6
* TCNC precision lathe "X100" manufactured by Takamatsu Machinery Co., Ltd.: 1
* Finishing machine: 2
The website was prepared in 1999, and many transactions have been made via the net since then.
** Manufacture and direct sales of high pressure joint and nipple products have also started. **
(Our products are also sold in small lots via the Internet.)

Business performance

*** Manufacturing of products with genuine skills ***
We have built up credibility and experiences in Higashi Osaka since the establishment of business in 1984.
For equipment and machines, we hold 7 NC lathes (as of 2011).
Using skills for operating cam type automatic lathes, we manufacture reliable products, whose *quality is higher* than that of products manufactured by other manufacturers.
*** We can receive orders in small lots ***
Using pinpoint accuracy and spirit of seeking, achieved only by small plant as a motto, we receive orders for prototypes, development products, etc.
We also have received many orders via the Internet.
We will make efforts to solve difficult problems.
*** Delivery of video via Youtube ***
(Sound will be heard. Mute audio)

Technology and product information

Processing technology

Materials Processing Technology Products
Iron, stainless-steel, alloy steel Machining of various metal precision parts Working machine parts, automobile parts, and textile machine parts

End products

Name of Products Name of Components
Textile machine Pulley for bobbin winding
Textile machine Handle shaft
Automobile parts Open/close stopper pin of door parts
Working machine parts Main shaft pin for installing bearing
Working machine parts Spacer for installing bearing
High pressure joint Nipple, hexagonal socket, bushing

Related fields

Metal, screw/wire, automobile, working machine, precision instrument, measuring instrument, and communication equipment

Manufacturing capacity

Machines and equipments held

Equipment owned or equipment Number of possession
NC lathe manufactured by Miyano Machinery Inc.: 7 (BNC34C2)Finishing NC lathe manufactured by Takamatsu Machinery: 1 Bench lathe manufactured by Takamatsu Machinery: 1

Manufacturing capacity, owned patents, quality control, etc.

Manufacturing capacity Since many orders are received on a basis of wide variety of products in small lots, the number of products produced per month is approximately 100 to 5000.
Due date response Since we are good at manufacturing on a basis of wide variety of products in small lots, large quantity production is not our specialty.

Approximately 1 week after reception of order

Products can be delivered throughout the country.
Quality control Transactions are currently made with a client that has obtained ISO9002.

Company information

Company name Minamiguchi Seisakusho
Address 4-1-40, Kawada, Higashiosaka-City, Osaka 578-0905
Address Main Office 4-1-40, Kawada, Higashiosaka-City, Osaka 578-0905
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)72-965-0239
Facsimile(Contact point) +81-(0)72-965-3314
Representative Kosuke Minamiguchi
Charge Kosuke Minamiguchi
Main business Machining of metals
Employees 3
Capital JPY 3000000 JPY
Establishment Apr-84
Found Apr-84
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