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TSUJIMOTO Metal Works Co., Ltd

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Technical capability

(Our technology we invent our strength and
saying in the other words we have two kinds of our own technology)
We also keep up aggressively the fileds we have not yet entered with the two technologies as follows
1 Technology for Processing
>Bending is our core skill
>Two dimensional automatically bending Full manufacturing process from and through Bending >> Cutting >> Washing
>Three dimensional automatically bending Reduce so many joining spots with the methods (drawing in one stroke)for a free curve

>Surface finishing we express as of an (ornament)
(Our technology for scheme with using IT) To reward our customers strict request

>We run our production management system with Tips21(integration)for accepting orders manufacturing and ordering

>We are realized the automatic ordering system for materials and formation of process with the scheme we can control our stock and on going position in a real time

>We connect the information for both of main customer and supplier with our on line system

>We integrate the quality control with our production control system

Business performance

1. We provide the high quality products and
services with 3M spirit, and our motto is for
the customer satisfaction with her smiling
2. We reduce the waste for the energy and
natural resources with the motto
environmental friendly.
3. We obey the law and regulation, and do our
endeavor for environmental safeguard.
4. We are struggling to improve the management
system continuously to realize our policy.
We are strugling to satisfy our customer with smiling face

1964.09 Establish the company
1997.01 Build a new office and factory at the
presnet place
1997.06 Invest a new machine CNC pipe vendor
(Two dimensional bending)
1998.06 Acquire a license of ISO9001
(After acquiring ISO14001 in 2010,
ISO9001 is returned)
1998.08 Operate a new integrated production
control system(Tips21)
Establish on-line system between main
customer and supplier
2002.12 Acquire a license of ISO14001
2003.01 Expand our function for a integrated
production control system
2004.03 Start operation our manufacturing (joit
venture with our maincustomer) at Wixi
in mainland China
2004.10 Establish on-line system between main
customer and supplier
2009.04 Invest three dimensional pipe vendor
2011.07 Start selling a new three dimensional
product (OEM base)

Technology and product information

Processing technology

Materials Processing Technology Products
Stainless steel(SUS304)
Continuous operation from material throughfinished goods
Bending process is our core skill
Door handle
Handrail for elevator
Handrail for toilet
Other metal products for building

End products

Name of Products Name of Components
Door handle (OEM base)Handrail for elevator (OEM)Handrail for toilet (OEM)Other metal products for building (OEM) Various products which need bending process

Related fields

Vehicles, automibile, motocycle, ship-building, equipment for nurcing care, furniture,playground equipment, interior, exterior, general metal products which need bending process

Manufacturing capacity

Machines and equipments held

Equipment owned or equipment Number of possession
>Two dimensinal pipe bender OPTON ECO-50R-UD-O 1set >Three dimensional bender NISSIN NPB030M-4000 1set >Manually operated bender IHI, CHIYODA 5sets >Angle bender ZOPF C403HE 1set >Brake press AMADA 1set >Set press AMADA 1set >Punch press AMADA 1set >Cutting machine AMADA (CONTA) 1set >CNC electric discharge proxess WASHINO TW-530 1set >Shirring machine AMADA M1245 1set >Lathe 1set >Metal saw 9 sets >Boring machine 8sets >TIG weldering machine (Digital/analog 7sets >Automatic grinding machine for circle pipe 1set

Manufacturing capacity, owned patents, quality control, etc.

Manufacturing capacity >Related to Bending
Two dimensinal pipe bender 20,000 pcs per
Manually operated bender 2,000 pcs per month
Three dimensional bender 2,000 pcs per month
Others (board/FB/Angle bender)
> Griding buff 15,000 pcs per month
Due date response >We have our lead time shoten as much as
possible to reward our customer, as customers
satisfaction is (QCD),Q Quality, C Cost, and D Delivery.

>We integrate the process of production with IT, and its flow should be made to be seen.

>Create manufacturing process automatically We make our best delivery schedule with IT, as restriction of resources and accepting orders urgently should be compatible

>Control stock and on going position at real time
Green light mark for starting is turned on after finishing pre processing works
We know the whole quantity of works for the followings after starting and finishing light turns on, and we can reflect the balance of the works easily.

>Caluculate the shortage materials automatically with the detail report of every day stock in a near future. Prevent the shortage to meet the deadline problem, and prepare the materials whenever we need.

>We manage lead time with three kinds of guidelines

>Accepting purchase order, delivery lead time, and manufacturing lead time with IT

>Control subjects and problems in each epartment and category every month,and make an arrangement to be seen everything
Quality control QC activity Having QC circle club (members)
Acquire a license ISO9001 on June,1998,and
renew its until 2010
Return its license when we accuire ISO14001
on April 2010
Acquire a license ISO14001 on December, 2002,
and renew its until now
Manegement system ISO9001 is absorbed on
April, 2010

All kind of (waste), such as (defect) is
considered as of (significant Environmental aspect),and we are on going this ISO14001 system which is integrated ISO9001
>Scheme of quality control system,and its
(to be seen)
We control the first input record and PDCA
(plan, do, check, action) process with IT,
and every staff at any department can grasp
the update information.
We adopt the (percentage of defect) and
(F cost) as of control standard, and every
staff can understand the update information.

General manager's meeting is held once a
month, and can control (PDCA) at each

In case any problem occurs, we can hold a
actual spot meeting to make a solution, as
we are comitted to (actual spot), (actual
articles), and (present time)

We have the update report for measures taken, and we prevent the recurrence.

Company information

Company name TSUJIMOTO Metal Works Co., Ltd
Address 6-3-36, Mikuriya, Higashi-Osaka-City, Osaka-Fu, Japan 577-0032
Address Main Office 4-8, Shinpouin, Tennouji-Ku, Osaka-City, Japan 543-0041
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)6-6785-2772
Facsimile(Contact point) +81-(0)6-6785-2775
Representative Satoshi Tsujimoto
Department Control of Production
Charge Yoshiaki Ohsako
Main business Metal processing for Stainless Steel
Employees 30
Capital JPY 28000000 JPY
Establishment January, 1954
Found September, 1964
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