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Technical capability

1. We support very quick delivery for urethane coating. (Shortest deadline: 1 day)

2. Our urethane coating has performances unique to us.
(Conductive property, self-extinguishing performance, low frictional properties, super abrasion resistance, etc.)

3. Since our products are related to mechanical equipment of all industries and businesses, we have technologies available to take advantages of our broad knowledge and experiences to offer proposals to customers.

4. According to the ISO14001 certification, we have established a thorough system for managing environments, process quality, etc.

5. We have been certified by the Act on Supporting Business Innovation and for new linkage.

Business performance

We have been engaged in the application for surface treatment of parts feeder bowl by polyurethane coating since the beginning of operation, expanding the market share with a focus on areas from Kinki and to the west. In the section of parts feeder of this kind, we achieved the market share of 70% (in western Japan).
After that, we expanded the surface treatment and application with a wide range of urethane materials providing various functions based on the polyurethane functions and our research and development of new polymerization and combined technologies cultivated in the development of usage.
For this reason, we have been able to apply coating materials to powder and granular materials, excepting parts feeder, barrel polishing instruments, agitating containers, equipment for boats and ships, various equipment for water treatment, conveyors, and many other machines and equipment.
Based on the association with the above, we have become a company of general surface treatment and application by expanding technical coating, including teflon, nylon, etc.
Taking advantages of processing of engineering plastics, such as MC nylon and duracon, or technologies of handling them, our different division has implemented design and manufacture of various equipment, e.g., laborsaving machine, dissolving sterilization treatment machine for used injectors, automatic machine for tying/pressing into shape, etc. In particular, the dissolving sterilization treatment machine was reported on NHK TV. Currently, we are developing and commercializing new products whose functions have been enhanced (automatic machine for making rice balls, etc.), "Kanpekopon (box for trashing cans by flattening them)" manufactured based on the Act on Supporting Business Innovation, and rolling machine for asphalt road "Plate Unipactor" based on new cooperation.
In future, we will also promote research and development aiming at high quality, quick delivery, low price, and functional enhancement of urethane materials. In addition we will blend and combine materials, and make continuous efforts as a company that can cope with customers' needs and offer proposals to them.

Technology and product information

Processing technology

Materials Processing Technology Products
Polyurethane /
Materials of teflon
Spraying coating by hand spray method Surface treatment of parts feeder bowl /
Inner surface treatment of barrel and agitating containers
MC nylon /
Engineering plastic materials of duracon, etc.
Machining or cutting work in NC processing machine Parts of various mechanical equipment
Conveyor belt /
Artificial leather
Draping is performed according to the surface of a piece targeted for application, and it is then pasted with adhesive agent. Pasting of sheet to parts feeder bowl and internal surface of hopper
Business trip, and application work in the field or on the site (Coating, lining, assembly, processing, and others) Repair of mechanical equipment /
Installation work
Design and drafting of various mechanical equipment Omusubi Kororin (for making rice balls) /
Plate Unipactor

End products

Name of Products Name of Components
Automatic assembly equipment and parts sorting machine Parts feeder bowl
Parts conveyor Surface treatment of hopper, chute, and conveyor rollers
Vibration barrel, and mill Internal surface of container, urethane lining
Submerged pump, and marine pump Urethane coating of main unit and impeller
Water treatment equipment tank Inner surface urethane epoxy coating
Used injectors for prevention of hospital infection Finished product "Safety Pon"
Automatic rice ball making device Omusubi Kororin (for making rice balls)
Compression/volume reduction container for beverage container 1/3 volume reduction container of cans and bottles

Related fields

Construction and architectural structures, construction materials, architecture hardware, pottery, stone materials, ceramics, metal processed items, paint and plated articles, rubber and tire, plastic processed items, automobiles, bicycles, conveyors, machine tools, precision machine, measuring instruments, tools, dies and brushes, electric appliances and equipment, and others

Manufacturing capacity

Machines and equipments held

Equipment owned or equipment Number of possession
CVD, PCD sputtering: 1 unitIon thin-film coating machine: 1 unitNC router 4-axis 1200 x 2400 (manufactured by Heian)Coating booth: Iwata, Water jet type of 3.5 m: 2 setsNC milling machine: 1 unitCNC lathe: 1 unitPortable lathe: 1 unitHigh-power airless coating machine: Iwatachi, Seiwa: 2 unitsPressure type two-pack mixing large coating machine: Techthane Corp., Techthane machine: 1 unitRotary compressor: Iwata, SCD220ED; 1 unitSandblaster: Thickweight, BA-3TS; 2 unitsGlass bead blaster: 1 unitCrane double loop machine: Hitachi, 250 kg x 16 m; 1 setPanel saw: TMK Corp.: 240H/unitBand saw: G.M., phi400 per unitArgon welder: National, A&D200; 1 unitElectric welder: Dairymen, KRJ-180; 1 unitOther coating equipment: Air gun, airless gun, agitator, etc.: 1 setOther machine tools: drilling machine, forklift, electric power tool, etc.: 1 set

Manufacturing capacity, owned patents, quality control, etc.

Manufacturing capacity Urethane coating: material consumption of 50L per day
Teflon coating: material consumption of 10L per day (4m3batch furnace)
Engineering plastic processing: NC lathe, milling cutter: For each of them, 2 units per day
Injection sterilization treatment machine/NSP150: 30 units per day
Omusubi Kororin (for making rice balls): 100 per month
Plate Unipactor
Due date response We have a chain conveyor and can cope with mass production.
For the products, each of which adopts different form, e.g., parts feeder bowls treated on a daily basis, we coat them on the day when they are delivered to or arrive at us via door-to-door service in the morning. Such products are shipped on the day via door-to-door service or delivered in the next morning. Except for the products to be finished with special specifications, we have been continuing this system for 20 years. Our customers are very pleased with it.
Patents held Patent related to sterilization equipment for used injectors; 2
Patent related to parts feeder sound proofing cover: 1
Patent related to pet bottle volume reducing machine: 1
Patent related to rice ball shaping machine: 3
(Including patents under examination) Other 9 patents pending
Quality control Obtained ISO14001 certification (1996 version) in February 2003.
Obtained ISO14001 certification (2004 version) in February 2010.

5S activities
The 5S conference is held once per month as part of ISO environmental basic policy.
We thoroughly have been carrying out the quality control according to the quality inspection items described in our own order reception management form, conforming to the ISO management policy, our recording system, and the specified inspection documents requested by customers.

Company information

Company name UNICS CO., LTD
Address 4-14-31 Kanou, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 578-0901
Address Main Office 4-14-31 Kanou, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 578-0901
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)72-968-1166
Facsimile(Contact point) +81-(0)72-966-3233
Representative Akio Naemura
Main business Technical coating with polyurethane, etc., product members for automatic instruments and laborsaving devices
Employees 17
Capital JPY 22000000 JPY
Establishment Dec-84
Found Apr-88
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