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Technical capability

We continue to revolutionize inspection technology and concepts for your industry. We have established 100 percent total high speed inspection system that makes possible to ensure 100 percent quality assurance of ultra high precision parts.
We will find a solution to every challenge and provide you innovative inspection technologies that give you a competitive edge in value and reduce your part per minute defect level.

Micro-Sphere Outer diameter and defective balls sorting machines for BGA,CSP,FC

Screw, bolt, nut, rivet, parts diameter selector-sorting machine

Automatic Inspection-Sorting machine using Vision system and Laser technology,

Automatic Inspection-Sorting machine using Eddy current technology

for automotive, aircraft, aerospace, industrial, railway, medical and electronic industries.

Business performance

Manufacturer of inspection-sorting machines for fasteners in Japan where the highest level of quality is required.

Inspection Sorting machine Manufacturer for Fasteners Screw, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Rivets, Parts, Special Parts


High precision machines for Micro-spheres Sorting.

YUTAKA's equipments are used by companies around the world for applications including automotive, aircraft, aerospace, industrial, railway, medical and electronic.
Our Research & Development Engineering System in addition to our Know-how, adaptability and power of innovation, brought YUTAKA Co., LTD. to the toughest standard-levels and even the toughest standards of the future that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Company information

Company name YUTAKA CO., LTD.
Address Main Office 24-12 SHINMACHI, HIGASHI-OSAKAOSAKA, JAPAN 579-8037
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)72-984-6246
Facsimile(Contact point) +81-(0)72-981-8016
Representative Kenji YASUDA
Department Sales group
Charge Melinda Jasper
Main business Inspection Sorting Machine Manufacturer
Employees 15
Capital JPY 10000000 JPY
Establishment Mar-68
Found Oct-91
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