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Yamabun Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Technical capability

1) Development prowess in thickness measurement: The type of measurement method varies by the physical properties and materials of the object measured. We have developed many types of systems to make use of the most appropriate method.
2) Error correction technology: We hold many patents for unique measurement methods.
3) All design of systems and development of software are proprietary.

Business performance

Track records: the sales volume of online and offline thickness measuring systems exceeded 700 units in 2009. Our thickness measuring systems are well accepted by major extruder manufactures,enjoying a top market share for food containers.

Policy: We,here after,are aiming to offer the highly advanced thickness measuring system applicable for highly functional sheets and films for the development promising fields such as Organic EL and Lithium Ion Battery, etc. Moreover,we,Yamabun Electronics Co.,LTD.,are very proud to offer our superior Thickness Measuring System developed by our own technology which could meet with various needs at clean rooms and explosion-proof specification as well.

Technology and product information

Processing technology

Materials Processing Technology Products
High function material such as optical plastic sheets,film and secondary battery electrode,etc. Technology to measure the thickness of in-process sheets and film precisely in increments of submicron, etc. Online thickness measuring system
* Laser,X-ray,Pneumatic,
Infrared,contact type
Offline thickness measuring system
* Contact type,Capacitance sensor

End products

Name of Products Name of Components
Online contact type TSM-R PS, PP and PET for food containers
Online non-contact laser type NME-RM Optimum for rubber and plastic sheet and laminate film manufacturing lines and measuring total thickness of laminate film
Online contact type TME-R Optimum for multilayer sheets and filler films
Online non-contact air type NSW-EA Planks (PS, ABS, PC and PMMA)
Offline thickness measuring systems TOF-4R/5R/6R (contact type) For quality control
Thickness measuring sensor by using optical,interference sensor OIM Spectro-interference thickness measuring system
T-die lip controller HBC/P (T) Automatic sheet thickness control
Online non-contact X-ray type NSW-X Optimum for thin film manufacturing line
Offline capacitance type TOF-C Optical film and wrap film,etc.

Related fields

Measuring instruments

Manufacturing capacity

Machines and equipments held

Equipment owned or equipment Number of possession
Online thickness measuring system /X-ray type/2 unitOnline thickness measuring system /Laser type/2 unitOffline thickness measuring system /contact type/4 unitOffline thickness measuring system /capacitance type/1 unitInterference spectroscope type thickness measuring system /1 unit

Manufacturing capacity, owned patents, quality control, etc.

Manufacturing capacity Simple designed thickness measuring systems with high accuracy will show all measuring result with [clear figures]and do not rely on[judgment by skilled person's feeling],which support production of high quality and high efficiency as appropriate measuring system for each type of item is available.
These measuring systems request no license nor permit* and operation is easy.
They can measure thickness between 1 micron to 15 mm of sheets and films during the manufacturing process and yet they secure the automatic monitoring function of thickness,measuring data recording and data keeping.
Thickness trend of the sheets or films will be shown on the monitor.
* Notification is required for X-ray system
Due date response Products are after receipt of order.5 to 6 months(online type)or 2 to 2.5 months(offline type)of receipt of order order acceptance are needed before delivery can be made.
Patents held 10 patents, 2 utility models and 2 foreign patents for thickness measuring systems

Company information

Company name Yamabun Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address 2-13, Shinjyonishi, Higashiosaka, Osaka Japan 578-0964
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)6-6745-3048
Facsimile(Contact point) +81-(0)6-6745-8482
Representative Fumio Tojo
Main business Manufacture and sale of thickness measuring systems
Employees 21
Capital JPY 10000000 JPY
Establishment Feb-71
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