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Morii Seisakusyo

Last update:2019/03/13


Technical capability

* It's possible to work to add heat-treatment to the processing way about a thin processing technology of aluminum and to use a special tool with a high degree of accuracy.
* It's also possible to process it with a high degree of accuracy about copper and stainless steel.
* First kyuu mechanical technician (numerically controlled lathe)
* The best quality technician

Business performance

In 1968, since foundation, I ran the business by the metallic cut line for a long time at Higashi-osaka.
The highly precise specification processing which are other copper and stainless steel, etc. by an aluminum thin relation also receives the order for the strong point field.
A product corresponds to an order widely until I come to a valve coupler from an electronic component.
I cooperate with 5 cooperation enterprises by a production system and take precautionary measures, so I have confidence in large variety and a short due date.

Company information

Company name Morii Seisakusyo
Address Higashi Osaka City Wakaeshigashi-cho 5-1-15 579-0935
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)6-6726-0030
Representative Shinji Morii
Main business Metallic cut
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