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Technical capability

Using a consistent flow of processes ranging from die design to production of small precision springs, cutting of small articles, forming process, cleaning, and thermal processing, computer controlled manufacturing can be performed.
Specialist of thin plate spring: 1st grade; 5, 2nd grade; 2
Specialist of wire springs: 1st grade; 3, 2nd grade; 2
Chief of press work: 1

"We will support you technically as your good partner."
Each sales person carries out proposal-based sales activities (as a sales engineer) and promotes technical support (concurrent engineering) from the design stage. We perform activities to help you achieve cost reduction and stable supply of parts, and improve technical capabilities.

"Take advantages of skills and experiences cultivated."
We will take advantages of our skills and experiences cultivated as a manufacturer to meet diversified needs from customers.
Focusing on technical staff, we work on the research and development of manufacturing processes to innovate spring production technologies and convert "proposal viewed from a spring manufacturer" to VA or VE proposal to be provided to the customers.

Business performance

[Guiding precepts of the company]
MAKE BETTER: Make daily efforts for improvements to manufacture better products.
MAKE NEW: Study any time and exercise wisdom to manufacture new products.
MAKE DIFFERENCE: Manufacture products given such strong characteristics that no one can imitate.

[Concept of Koyo]
We at Koyo have the concept that customers are most important. All the individual employees of Koyo have the word that they are released from conventional common knowledge to pursue rationality, try "new ideas" and "new manufacturing processes" (new try), and make a rapid response to everything, and think that they want to help customers to achieve their needs.

[Actual performance]
1. Number of customers: 177 companies (as of February 28, 2009)
2. Number of registered subcontractors: 66 companies (as of February 28, 2009)
3. Number of customer borrowed mold surfaces: 1850 (as of February 28, 2009)
4. Parties related to the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Category of Offices: Commended by the governor (November 12, 1999)
5. Parties related to the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Category of Good Employees: One person was commended by the governor (November 10, 2000)
6. Osaka Vocational Ability Development Association - Promotion of skill measurement committee: One person received the certificate of appreciation by the chairperson (November 10, 2000)

Technology and product information

Processing technology

Materials Processing Technology Products
Stainless steel /
Carbon steel
and carbon tool steel /
Phosphor bronze
<Thin plate spring>
Multi forming processing
Automobile parts /
Parts for water
heater /
Parts for kitchen utensils /
Architecture parts
Stainless wire
Piano wire and hard steel wire
Phosphor bronze
Wire <wire springs>
Forming processing /
Coiling processing
Parts for water heater /
Parts for kitchen utensils /
Light electrical parts /
Battery Production and recovery work of batteries for automobiles and industries Automatic guided vehicle, electrically-driven carrier and electric storage device for industries
Brass bar /
Stainless bar /
Other steel wire
NC cutting work Parts for kitchen utensils /
Light electrical parts /
Automobile parts

End products

Name of Products Name of Components
Automobiles Clip (plate) for air cleaner, collar, and various springs for mounting exterior parts
Water heater / Kitchen utensils (burner on the table) Ignition device, plate spring for mounting heater safety device, various types of springs for mechanical unitsPipe fitting spring
Home electric appliances and electric components Various types of springs for mechanical units, contacts, etc.
Engineering and architectural materials Plate spring for fixing reinforcing steel

Related fields

Household goods, toy and leisure items, housing, construction and architectural structures, construction materials, architecture hardware, metal, metal processed items, automobiles, bicycles, conveying machinery, machine tools, precision instruments, air conditioning equipment, tools, and dies, brushes, electric instruments and equipment, household electric appliances, communication equipment, computer related equipment, medicine and cosmetics, and medical equipment

Manufacturing capacity

Machines and equipments held

Equipment owned or equipment Number of possession
"Die parts processing equipment"Mitsubishi's wire electrical discharge machine: 2 unitsOlivetti's CAD/CAM: 1 unitMitsubishi's electrical discharge machine: 1 unitFull automatic surface grinder: 1 unitOther machine tools: 17 units"Product processing equipment"Plate spring multi-forming, Teijin ZUB200 to 220: 13 unitsPlate spring multi-forming, Teijin RF60: 3 unitsForming machine, Nilsson Forceland Machine: 4 unitsNC forming machine: 2 units for each typeWire forming machine: 2 unitsNC wire forming, Itaya Engineering's MCS15G/MCX20, MX40: 1 unit for eachNC coiling machine: 4 unitsCam type coiling machine: 19 unitsNC lathe with Nomura C-axis: 3 units

Manufacturing capacity, owned patents, quality control, etc.

Manufacturing capacity Thin plate spring processing: 8,000,000 pieces per month
Processing of wire springs (small precision items): 14,000,000 pieces per month
Cutting work: 500,000 pieces per month
Due date response Our production management system carries out the consistent PC system management ranging from management to production, sales, and quality assurance.

"We promise to supply parts stably."
As important mechanical parts for every industry, Koyo's springs have been used at places where high quality is required.
We have introduced the "self imposed inspection system" according to processes ranging from "Material procurement" to "Shipment" to supply high quality products manufactured taking advantages of our manufacturing technologies. We promise that we will supply parts stably by our unique production plan and system.
Patents held Rice washer: A patent for automatic rice washing machine is applied for.
Pipe fitting method: Patent filings
Joint patent with a manufacturer has been obtained.
Quality control SO series--- Obtained ISO14001 in 2006.
QC activity--- No QC circle

"We will consider logistics from a global viewpoint."
Considering logistics from a global viewpoint, we make online the delivery using our own routes and the delivery using routes of general transport companies to constantly achieve efficient development of our delivery.. In addition, we implement area-based product pickup and cycle delivery (to deal with kanban products).

"Using the production preparation system maintains quality assurance."
With the word that we will make a system where "we can neither manufacture failed parts nor undetect the passage of them" from the system where "we will neither manufacture failed parts nor undetect the passage of them," we have established our unique production system. When starting up a new product, we use our organizational power to play step-by-step roles, including "clarification of products to be manufactured," "determination of manufacturing method," and "quality assurance under the product self-imposed test condition," aiming at the improvement of quality and rationalization at any time.

Company information

Address 4-3-19, Nunoichicho, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 579-8004
Address Main Office 4-3-19, Nunoichicho, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 579-8004
Telephone(Contact point) +81-(0)72-982-2861
Facsimile(Contact point) +81-(0)72-982-2868
Representative Kazunori Kishigami
Department Sales Purchase Department
Charge Koji Shintani
Main business Manufacture of springs, and production and sales of battery for automobiles and industries
Employees 47
Capital JPY 10000000 JPY
Establishment May-66
Found May-66
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