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Introduction of Manufacturing

monozkuri city HIGASHI OSAKA where the answer is

A city of Monozkuri

One of the leading manufacturing areas in Japan,which is full of a wide variety of products made by lots of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with high technology.


Higashiosaka is known as a city of the manufacturing industry. It has one of the highest numbers and densities of manufacturers in Japan. Additionally, SMEs with fewer than 20 employees on their payroll account for approximately 90 percent of the manufacturers in this city.

The products, which are created in small factories with reliable skills, play important roles in the country and the world.

What’s “Monozkuri”?

First of all,“Mono” means things, “Zkuri” means producing, so “Monozkuri” is nearly equal to “manufacturing” but it also has a unique concept in Japan.

People engaging in “Monozkuri” pursue the quality of products including productivity and precision. And the important point is, they also care about users; imagining the role the product plays and the scene of when it is actually used.

In Japanese culture, we have a traditional way of thinking that a good soul resides in all carefully made products, which also underlies our “Monozkuri” philosophy.

The number of manufacturers

The number of manufacturers is 5,954, which is the fifth highest in Japan and the highest with the government-designated cities being excluded. This proves that Higashiosaka is one of Japan’s leading cities of the manufacturing industry.

The numbers of manufacturers by major city in Japan
(based on the economic census activity survey of 2016)

The density of manufacturers

  The density of manufacturers in Higashiosaka is 115.2 per square kilometer, which is the highest in Japan. This environment makes citizens feel familiar with the manufacturing industry.

The densities of manufacturers by major city in Japan (compared to the cities with

4,000 manufacturers or more through the economic census activity survey of 2016)

The number of manufacturers per square kilometer of habitable area (calculated using the habitable area described in the Statistical Observations of Municipalities of 2018).

Higashiosaka City’s manufacturing network

The strong point of Higashiosaka’s SMEs is that they are always trying to promote various intimate relationship in all directions enabling them to cope with challenging businesses and to establish new relationships among them.

Higashiosaka’s SMEs could be both strong competitor and good cooperative partners with each other. We believe that building up international competitiveness through our challenging spirit and strong collaborations is very important for us.


Passion for the manufacturing evolve into design

Industrial design seeking harmony with people is becoming more important in industry. Added value of design is achieved by preparing the following factors in integrated manner, such as needs , materials, quality, function, price, safety, ecology and distribution etc.

Managements who have been engaged in manufacturing products with passion, are now aggressively working to create the original products well balanced with design and technology.

Their challenging spirits to create the differentiated products from the others will be enhanced furthermore in the design strategy.

In order to bring the new products fast to the market that is never worked yet by anyone, Higashiosaka is now beginning to make steady forward-stepping.

the manufacturing evolve into design

Establishing unwavering trust with superior techniques!

Higashiosaka products technologically supports our infrastructures, such as 

transportation and skyscrapers.

 Our highly evaluated techniques are applied to a wide variety of products such as automobiles, motorcycles, radio towers, IC cards, and aircraft.

This is because our products are made under severe quality control and quality assurance, which connects them with the society.

superior techniques