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Introduction of Manufacturing

With ideas, technologies and hearts, Japan’s ‘Monozkuri’delivered to the world

There is a word ‘Monozkuri’ in Japan.

The word does not just refer to production.

It refers to the process of creation guided by ideas born from trial and error,by technologies brushed up by long-accumulated know-how,and by hearts driven by the passion to make better things.

The globally loved Monozkuri is proudly supported by the small and medium enterprises of Higashiosaka.


‘Monozkuri’ does not only refer to the manufacturing process of products. It is not only the pursuit of efficiency, productivity or physical quality of products,but also the production process where each individual engaged in production,at each stage of work, envisions the scenes of the goods being used and the roles of the goods being made, caring for the users.

Our definition of it is that it is the manufacturing and processing of goods based on Japanese hospitality of being considerate to the ones who use the goods.

In Higashiosaka, there have been excavations of some die molds for dotaku ‒ the ritual bell-shaped item ‒ from the pre-era remains, which proves that the production of die molds were conducted in this area. We imagine that the people who made those ritual bells must have envisioned those who were going to use them and the scenes where the bells were going to be used.

We believe that the Monozkuri DNA of Higashiosaka, the town that can produce everything from daily use toothbrushes to artificial satellites, has been passed down in this region.

Higashiosaka, Advanced Monozkuri City of globally proud technologies

Higashiosaka is among the country’s top industrialized cities, with the highest factory density in Japan, and is ranked No. 5 after giant cities with the number of businesses and factories being more than 4,000.

It is a vibrant city of Monozkuri where there are metal accessories companies, machine parts shops and plastic products companies, with factories of less than 20 workers each, all aiming for the world market.

Full of energies, proof of ability

These manufacturers have high technologies for producing metal products, production equipment and plastic products that made Higashiosaka stand the first place in Japan in terms of plant density and 5th place in terms of number of plants.

Those statistics in a various areas prove Higashiosaka as “The city of dynamic SMEs”.

They supply many products to large enterprises and overseas as well and their power create the vitality to the regional economy and moreover act key role to the Japanese economic growth.

Density of establishments by major cities across the country (more than 4,000 factories)

The number of Business Enterprises By Major City

Making and editing of “The 2016 Economic Census for Business Frame”
Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Posts and Communications

Flexible networks

Higashiosaka’s industry dates back to the Edo period and differs from other cities in that while other cities have formed pyramid-shaped an industrial structure whose top is occupied by giant corporations, ours is built in organic networks among globally competitive small and medium enterprises.

This network makes possible wide varieties of products, small lot production and short delivery time and it is the root of Higashiosaka’s Monozkuri capabilities and it is what supports international competitiveness.

Other Cities
Higashiosaka city

A representative sample of world-class Higashiosaka Monozkuri

Higashiosaka Monozkuri lives in the technology supporting the things in our everyday lives, and the things that are indispensable to the development of science and technology.

Higashiosaka products and technologies are making their mark in diverse scenarios: the aircraft that promise you a safe flight day or night; the sunglasses that made an Olympic gold medalist; the high-speed rail technology that is the mark of trust, both in Japan and overseas; Tokyo Skytree, the tallest freestanding radio tower in the world; satellites, the crystallization of small urban workshop technology, and so on.

Technologies and aesthetics accumulated over many years as well as faith and pride in monozukuri have produced things we consider essential in this world which are being delivered to the world from Higashiosaka, Japan.

Higashiosaka - Monozkuri City Now a leading Japanese brand

Passion for the manufacturing evolve into design

Passion for the manufacturing evolve into design

Industrial design seeking harmony with people is becoming more important in industry. Added value of design is achieved by preparing the following factors in integrated manner, such as needs , materials, quality, function, price, safety, ecology and distribution etc.

Managements who have been engaged in manufacturing products with passion, are now aggressively working to create the original products well balanced with design and technology.

Their challenging spirits to create the differentiated products from the others will be enhanced furthermore in the design strategy.

In order to bring the new products fast to the market that is never worked yet by anyone, Higashiosaka is now beginning to make steady forward-stepping.